Our workshop presenters

  1. Ben Low, Grace Nolan, Evengy Shatokhin, Tom Hennen & David Wearing
  2. Edward Farrell
  3. Jaakko Fagerlund
  4. Jos Weyers & Holly Poer

Workshop details

  1. hackergotchi of Ben Low, Grace Nolan, Evengy Shatokhin, Tom Hennen & David Wearing Ben Low, Grace Nolan, Evengy Shatokhin, Tom Hennen & David Wearing

    Workshop Tamper Evidence Challenge

    Physical seals are intended to provide assurance that the sealed object has not been tampered with — to detect theft, contamination or unauthorised access. This challenge will be a hands-on, participant-led exercise in attempting to defeat a number of different tamper evident seals of dramatically different strengths and weaknesses, and also show some ways to detect tampering. Fame and glory will be awarded to participants who succeed in defeating each kind of seal.

    Google is hosting this tamper evidence challenge to engage curiosity about the physical integrity aspects of local access attacks.
  2. hackergotchi of Edward Farrell Edward Farrell

    Workshop Breaking wireless security systems

    The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with a series of hands on activities involving the compromise of a few consumer grade physical security systems. Within the IOT and consumer technology space, the sole dependency on physical security, obfuscation or inaccessibility of code or interfaces in readily exploitable products whose core functions can be negated or used for a contrary purpose. This workshop will take its participants through two such devices, and will demonstrate how a failure in understanding security concepts or the threat actors these systems face resulted in the systems providing a false sense of security.

    Edward Farrell is an independent information security consultant who specialises in penetration testing and lectures at the Australian Defence Force Academy in wireless security. In addition to starting up his own security practice, Edward is an avid participant in the Australian information security community. In his spare time, he can be found somewhere on the beach.
  3. hackergotchi of Jaakko Fagerlund Jaakko Fagerlund

    Workshop Metals and heat treatment in DIY lock picks

    Learn basics of different metals, heat treatment of usual tool steels for lock picks and get valuable tips & tricks.

    Tool/die maker by profession, lockpick designer, safe cracker as a side job and very much into electronics and coding and combining all these to make whatever comes to mind
  4. hackergotchi of Jos Weyers & Holly Poer Jos Weyers & Holly Poer

    Workshop Impressioning with Jos Weyers and Holly Poer

    This is a very special workshop on impressioning, a covert entry technique used to generate a working key for a lock given only information obtained by manipulating a blank key in a lock. Unlike lockpicking, impressioning creates a fully working key for the lock which can be used to lock and unlock the cylinder at will. With practice, this technique can consistently create a key in 10–15 minutes (and potentially faster!). This will be a full, hands-on workshop on this technique.

    → Twitter: @josweyers

    Jos is the World Record Holder at impressioning and holds several international championship titles. Holly is an American based locksmith and won 2nd in the 2016 USA Championships, making her the fastest American