Announcement May 6

OzSecCon is less than a month away now! The CFP and CFW has closed and the last few respondents are being notified! Red Ream Training has sold out and tickets to the event are almost sold out as well so make sure you head to our Eventzilla page to secure your ticket!

Emails will be sent to all attendees over the next few days detailing the plans for the conference so please keep an eye out!

Announcements April

New speakers and workshops have been added to the site! Please check them out. There’s still a few more to come as the CFP and CFW have not yet closed!

Professional training has now been added for the first time. The first training course offered by OzSecCon is being run by Wayne Ronaldson. The training, ‘Adverary Mindset — Red Team Training’ will be run over two full days, May 31st and June 1st. This is the first time this training has been offered in public and is being provided at a discounted price for those attending OzSecCon. The training will cover a large variety of physical and digital security topics and both practical and theoretical techniques will be demonstrated. See the training page for more details.


OzSecCon is excited to announce our venue for 2018 will be the fantastic Melbourne Polytechnic venue located in West Heidelberg, this venue is also used to teach young professional locksmiths and we have graciously been granted access to use the locksmithing and metalworking departments for our demonstrations and workshops.

This, in conjunction with multiple classrooms and lecture theatres means we will be able to run multiple different activities simultaneously throughout the weekend.

The locksmithing and metalworking departments are located in building B, in the north-west of the campus.

For more on the campus venue, see the the Melbourne Polytechnic Heidelberg campus page.

What’s this?

OzSecCon is the first open community event on physical security in Australia.

The conference focus is on both analogue and digital physical security systems and is open to professionals and hobbyists alike.

The 2-day event will provide a community space to share expertise on tools and techniques to learn new skills and refine existing ones.

Included are:

Our sessions will be open to all attendees, run by industry-leading instructors across a range of topics.

Our aim is to cover not only traditional physical security controls (such as locks and safes) but also access control systems (alarm systems and RFID). This will include both networked and RF devices.

We hope that all those attending find the experience both informative, engaging, and importantly, fun.